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This past July 21-23, Car Craft Magazine held their annual summer cruise at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. In the middle of over 4500 registered vehicles, we put on our own show within the show by assembling some of the finest cars that were there. Yes, that's a big claim but when one of the other show vendors was overheard saying, "there are more people at your tent then at any other vendor in the show and I came down here to find out why", we knew that we had won the popular vote. There was a steady stream of muscle car enthusiasts flowing through the tent throughout the weekend it was common to hear things like, "hey, check this out", or "wow, look at that", and even "look over there, is that a ...".

It was easy to see that folks were attracted to the quality of the workmanship but periodically firing up one of the several very healthy Hemis drew in even more onlookers and lended some credibility for those that dared to doubt whether any of these cars could go as good as they looked. Nick Suckow's blown and injected '68 Hemi Charger sounded especially threatening when the throttle plates were cracked open. One spectator summed it up quite simply by remarking, "Sure are a lot of nice toys in here."

Not only were John and nearly our entire staff there to meet with other car owners and answer their restoration questions but several of MCR's recent clients were there to show off their completed projects as well. Undoubtedly, they enjoyed the attention but they also had opportunity to share their success stories that MCR helped to bring to pass.

above: Doug & Marie Ousdigian

Doug and Marie Ousdigian's '72 Challenger (742 HP Hemi on pump gas) underwent a partial restoration at MCR. Doug commented that he needed to stay in control of the costs. "I can't let somebody take my checkbook and write checks to themselves". He said that it was great working with Jeff Decker because he always knew what was going on. "The best part about the whole thing was never having the surprises. To say that I'm satisfied is an understatement."

Click here to see photographs of Doug & Marie's Challenger

above: Wayne Tunis

Wayne Tunis of Alberta, Canada echoed the importance of the trust issue. His '72 Pro Touring Cuda (Paxton supercharged 6.1L Hemi) is the state of the art in updating a vintage muscle car to modern performance standards and is actually Wayne's second car done at MCR. Seeing that he lived in Canada, Wayne didn't get to come to see the car all that often so he really liked the ability to go online to see the weekly photo updates of his car. For him, it was like getting to look over the shoulders of all the guys as they worked on the car. "It's been a very positive experience for me", said Wayne. "I've put my full trust in John and Jeff and Fred and have no qualms about doing that whatsoever". "I trust them so much at this point that I have let them have a lot of creative control over this project. I have no questions whatsoever about their abilities to follow clients instructions and deal with things properly. Besides, The way this car looks is fabulous."

Click here for more information on Wayne's Cuda

above: Nicholas Suckow

Easily the most remarkable customer story is about Nick Suckow's blown, injected Hemi Charger. This is a full on Pro-Street bullet that was designed to go as fast as it looks. Two things make this project unusual and inspiring. Inspiring in that Nick has been a ventilator dependant quadriplegic since 1989 and has absolutely refused to give up his dream of owning an ultra cool street machine and second is that this project has taken over fourteen years to complete.

above: 1968 Blown Hemi Charger

"John has been very patient with me which I greatly appreciate. As I had funds available, he let me pay a little each time." After fourteen years, Nick has worked with a lot of the guys in the shop. "John has a great group of guys working for him. He surrounds himself with excellent talent and knowledgeable people. I give him a lot of credit for that." What's it like working with someone on this kind of project for all these years? "He's (John) become a good friend."

Click here for more information on Nick's Charger

above: Steve Lowe

Steve Lowe originally intended to restore his '68 Charger on his own even though in his words, "The car was in pretty rough shape." He remembers, "The more I started getting into it, the more I realized that this wasn't a project for me. I know a little bit about cars but when you're building something like this, you want somebody who has a lot of experience. You've got to know when you've bit off more than you can chew."

above: 1968 Pro-street Charger

Being from California, Steve also had to guide his dream long distance. But, he said, "Jeff's been fantastic. The guys all did a great job. The car is beautiful. I love it. I couldn't be happier. I definitely know I picked the right shop for the job." Then he added something we didn't expect. "I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been this happy if I would've had the car done in California" If the Midwest is not the first place you think of when you're looking for a shop to build your dream, please take a look at some of the cars on our site and give us a chance to change your mind.

Click here to see photographs of Steve's Charger

Since all of the cars were very well received by the show spectators, and the cars owners received lots of praise, and we talked with many about making their dream come true, we consider the show an unqualified success. After all, that's why we exist.

Click here for more photographs from the event!

Car Craft Video

For everyone who wasn't able to make it in person, we've put together a short video for you from the show!

Click here for a higher resolution version of the video (best quality)
Click here for a medium resolution version of the video

Note: This video only features MCR restored vehicles. Be sure to check out the links below for more coverage.

We will be at this year's Car Craft Summer Nationals! Look forward to seeing many projects at our tent, including the 1972 Pro-Touring Cuda we recently unveiled on the Power Tour! Stay tuned to this page for a complete list of projects we will be displaying.

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Click here for a map to the event (

Click here for a map of the fair grounds and where you'll be able to find our tent.

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Projects at the MCR tent this year:

The1970 Challenger Skuza T/A will be there!

This1968 Blown Hemi Charger will be there!

This1968 Pro-Street Charger will be there!

This1972 Challenger will be there!

This1969 Roadrunner will be there!

This1978 Trans AM will be there!

This 1969 Dart will be there!

This 1959 Oldsmobile will be there!

This 1963 Belvedere will be there!

This 1967 GTO will be there!

This 1964 Polara will be there!

Additional past customer cars will be there also!

Map of the fair grounds

The blue arrow below shows where the MCR tent can be found at the event. (Updated July 20th)

Special thanks to everyone involved in the Cuda project!

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