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Ford Restorations

We have restored a large number of Fords over the years.

When Dennis Gage had to have his personal '63 Ford Falcon restored, he chose MCR over the other facilities available. It was with our attention to detail and correctness that one of the world's most recognized classic car enthusiasts turned into a satisfied customer.

above: MCR restored 1963 Ford Falcon

If you compared the '70 Mercury Cougar XR7 below to one that just rolled off the assembly line in 1970 you would be hard pressed to find a single difference.

above: MCR restored 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7

From here you will want to take a look at our many awards, testimonials, and services. Our online gallery of projects will give you an extensive look at how we operate. With over 40 thousand photographs to look through you'll quickly learn we aren't afraid to show what's happening behind the scenes, because we know it's being done right. Gallery

If you have a Ford in need of restoration, contact us today!

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