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2008 Muscle Car Restoration - Open House

Muscle Car Restorations opened their doors to the public once again on May 10th of this year. Despite some threatening weather, a good-sized crowd was on hand to pick the brains of the best restoration craftsmen anywhere. This wasn't hard of course as the MCR staff always loves to share the methods they use to produce their first class work. Also as usual, many of MCR's current projects were on display for all to get a close up look at both the techniques and the quality of the craftsmanship.

While there was no shortage of cool projects to look at, there was a '67 GTO that certainly received its share of attention. Fitted with a complete Schwartz Extreme Performance frame and suspension along with MCR fabricated floors, firewall, center consoles, and a removable cage, this amazing piece of engineering has also been prepped to contain a 1200 HP twin turbo intercooled Pontiac engine. MCR staff also fabricated all of the intricate exhaust and turbo plumbing to fit everything under the hood and between the fenders.

The other main attraction was Marilee Moses' big block '37 Chevy making full power runs on the Mustang chassis dyno in building six. Last year building six had just been completed but since then the Mustang Dyno has been moved there and now it has been fully integrated into MCR's workflow.

With over forty projects on display, every building had something awesome to check out so there was a steady flow of guests moving throughout the complex and learning what they could as each of the staff manned their area of expertise. Maybe the two happiest guys there were the ones that drove away in their finished projects - an AAR Cuda and a convertible XR7 Cougar.

No question about it, you need to make plans to attend next year’s event. Cruise out with your club, eat free food, imagine your dream car, and pick up a tip or two from the most knowledgeable staff anywhere.

Be sure to check out our photographs from the event also!

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