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A large number of the cars restored at MCR have some sentimental value to them, maybe it was a car you had purchased as a teenager, or one that was passed down. A specific car with some family heritage or personal memories is always a great candidate for a restoration. Everyone has at least one story on the car they wish they would have never sold, or the one they wish they could have owned earlier on in life. Restorations are a good option for people with a car in hand, but are also an often overlooked option for someone without one. The benefits of a restoration over purchasing a car ready to drive will vary from person to person and from car to car, but with a restoration at MCR you are guaranteed a car of exceptional quality and built to your exacting specifications.

Before you procure a vehicle specifically for restoration there are several questions that should be asked. Is this the best car to start a restoration from? You will want to review the overall condition of the car, the options that are important to you, and numerous other factors. Remember that even if the car has some specific rare option you want you may be just as happy with a tribute to that car for half the cost. MCR has years of experience assisting our customers on the procurement of restoration candidates and we would love to help get you started as well.

MCR does keep an in-house stock of certain iconic cars in various stages of restoration that are available for purchase:

  • 1968 Dart - This Dart is currently being chemically stripped in preparation for metal work. The doors have been acid dipped to lighten as the factory original Hemi Darts were delivered. . The Dart is being prepped to be built as a Hemi Tribute Car! Get it now and choose all your options including color, transmission and others.
  • 1969 Camaro - This is a 1 owner pink slip California car that could be made into anything you would like. Very solid car!

Be sure to contact us if you are interested in learning more about our procurement services or would like to discuss one of the specific project cars we have ready to adopt.

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