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Pauls Chrome Plating

At Muscle Car Restorations, we are continually in search of the very best suppliers. We want every part of your restoration to be better than you dreamed it could be. That's why we are proud to be associated with Paul's Chrome Plating of Evan's City, PA. Fred Hespenheide has been in the chrome plating business since 1982 and over a dozen of his 33 employees have been with him for more than 15 years.

This highly experienced group of experts are very adept at plating not just steel, brass, aluminum, pot-metal and stainless, but also even plastic and most recently they have acquired the ability to plate magnesium; perhaps the only shop anywhere who can show plate this highly reactive metal.

Of course show chrome only looks as good as the repair and polish job under it so Paul's Plating has a team of very specialized craftsmen that can work near miracles on your damaged or corroded trim parts. Whether the piece requires triple plated chrome or a mirror like polish, only rarely do they receive a part that they cannot bring back to life again. This is very important to us at MCR because, even with our ability to locate rare parts, sometimes we must work with what you have.

If you need something chromed these are the guys to call, not MCR

(800) 245-8679

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Preferred Supplier
Tank room

Paul's Plating is not an automated operation. Each part is carefully monitored by hand through each stage of the triple plate process; copper, nickel, then chrome. These tanks contain numerous chemicals that must be kept in proper balance throughout each day. Each of those orange hanger rods has an individual part wired to it.

Nickel tank

Fresh out of the nickel tank, you can see that it's really the nickel that gives chrome plating its polished silver like color. The chrome layer is really more like a clear coat that protects the shiny nickel from tarnishing.

Painting plastic

Before plastic can be plated, it must be made electrically conductive. All plastic parts are first sprayed with a paint that contains a very high level of silver before they go though the same copper, nickel, chrome process as the metal parts. This process is far superior to the factory chromed plastic and will last practically indefinitely.

Plastic copper tank

This plastic grill is just coming out of the copper tank. It's on its way to the nickel tank before finally being coated with chrome.

Before and After

These before and after shots show the dramatic results we've come to expect from Paul's Plating. This kind of damage can't be ''buffed out''. It must be restored by experts.

GTX Trim piece (before) GTX Trim piece (after)
GTX Grill (before) GTX Grill (after)

If you need something chromed these are the guys to call, not MCR

(800) 245-8679

Visit Paul's Chrome's website

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