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The Year One Event - 2005

Year One Experience highlights:

MCR would like to thank Year One for inviting us to Road Atlanta for the 2005 Year One Experience! This was an excellent opportunity for us to show our support for Year One and also exhibit two of our restored vehicles. Our 1978 Trans Am and 1968 SS Hemi Dart Recreation were showered with compliments and positive comments over the weekend. The level of detail of both cars amazed people and they were really excited to see a Trans Am restored to the level it is. This was the first show that the Trans Am has been in and it was such a big hit that it will be featured in the July issue of Muscle Car Enthusiast.

Year One pulled out all the stops by offering something for everyone at this event, including: the Year One Cup Award car show, celebrity appearances from the Overhaulin crew, rides in the Panoz driving school race cars and parade laps around Road Atlanta just to name a few activities! We were happy to be a part of the action at the Year One Experience and look forward to the next one! Check out the photos below to see some of the highlights.

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Click here for additional photographs of the 1968 Dart
Click here for additional photographs of the 1978 Trans Am
The Year One Experience
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You'll be able to read all about it, there is even a photo gallery of the entire event!

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