Yes, I'm that guy...buys cars online. Numbers matching, he says, pictures are real he says, sends me a video...wow I say and buy the car. Nothing he said is true. So now what? I am going to make it a resto mod. But is this what I really want? I called MCR only to find out they were booked up a bit, but would come pick up my car from Pennsylvania. They told me the truth about everything and I thought, "wow this is different." Andy P. [Salesman] picked up my car and from the second I met him I knew he was one of us. MCR walked me through every aspect and told me the ideas that I had that made sense and which ones we could make even better. Thank you ! I love my Trans-Am..... MCR took it from something that I thought would haunt me for a long time into something I love to drive! Thank you to all the hard-working people at MCR. You have gave me something I will be handing down to my son to enjoy... just not anytime soon.

Nick Meli Jr., owner of this MCR restored 1975 Trans Am

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Engine Size
455 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
Body Color
3M M22 Deep Black matte wrap