The plan for restoration of my 1970 AAR Cuda centered around having myself and my son doing as much of the work as we were capable of, and having someone else complete the work that was beyond our expertise. The ultimate goal was to restore the car to a factory original condition where ever possible. Our restoration plan including doing the disassembly work ourselves, and then have someone complete the metal and paint work. Following completion of a restored rolling chassis, we would then complete the reassembly. Muscle Car Restorations was a perfect match for this plan. MCR was more than willing to work with us to complete whatever level and amount of restoration work we desired.

The MCR team worked closely with us from the beginning to develop the plan and set expectations. Once the rolling chassis (a body shell on four wheels) was delivered to MCR, they kept us updated on the progress through weekly emails that included pictures to document work completed and planned next steps. If questions arose during the work, MCR would always call or email to ensure we were on the same page before proceeding. Communication with MCR was key throughout the build, which included on site visits at MCR to meet with their restoration team. Visiting face to face with the MCR team members reinforced my confidence in their abilities. They have the knowledge to duplicate original factory appearance and assembly techniques, including spot welding of the unibody panels. Beyond their in-house expertise, MCR has sources for a variety of quality replacement parts, as well as getting original parts replated to match factory correct finishes.

Upon completion of their work, MCR provided a complete record, including pictures and videos, that document the restoration from start to completion. The end result of working with MCR has been a car that looks better than it did when it rolled off the assembly line in 1970!

- Gary Warnsholz, owner of this MCR restored 1970 AAR Cuda

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