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About MCR

We are committed to providing the highest quality, detail-driven automobile restorations available in the industry. The quality speaks for itself, and very loudly, when you compare an MCR car to one restored by another shop. Our open workmanship policy and emphasis on keeping our customers in-the-loop will let you rest at ease knowing that your valuable property is in good hands.

The Muscle Car Restorations 30-plus-year reputation for quality craftsmanship and industry leading techniques has been recorded by television shows and popular media. MCR has dominated the covers and content of publications such as Hot Rod Magazine, Car Craft and Mopar Muscle, among others. The company’s reputation has also led to strong relationships with major companies like Holley, PPG, MSD, Tremec, Detroit Speed, Roadster Shop, and Auto Metal Direct, which in turn yielded project cars like the Holley Road Runner.

However, often it is the word of mouth of over 200 past customers that draws national attention to MCR. This is true, too, when customers exhibit their prized vehicles at shows, competitions and sales. MCR quality and reputation for exceeding customer expectations put their projects in the spotlight. These projects have racked up accolades including many Best of Show, Top 10 and Editor’s Choice awards in shows from coast to coast.


John Balow experienced a passion for high performance cars when he became immersed in them as a hobby. His expertise grew with every project he tackled, and he opened Muscle Car Restorations in 1988. 


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